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After returning from our recent trip to Puerto Rico, it’s time to update the travel map(s).  I’m a guy who likes to see things, visit and explore places, but also check things off of lists as well.

Most Traveled People

I reviewed the Most Traveled People site a few months ago – basically they have divided the world up into 875 different jurisdictions – mostly countries, but many of the larger countries are divided up further (into states, provinces, and the like), as well as territories and other land that is not close to the mainland it is associated with is broken out into its own entry as well.

Puerto Rico was a new place for me, so I dutifully marked it

Viva Puerto Rico!

Viva Puerto Rico!

And that brings my total up to 50, which makes me a “Junior Ambassador” on the MTP site.  I will be updating my business cards to be sure!!! 😀

World Heritage Sites

La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site in Old San Juan Puerto Rico is a UNESCO World Heritage site, so I marked that as well, bringing my total up to a whopping 5 (yes, five). The other 4 I’ve been to are:

  • Mammoth Cave
  • The Everglades – Trip report
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Colonial City of Santo Domingo

Most Traveled People also has a place to mark UNESCO World Heritage sites, so I marked it off.  I also marked it off on Wandering Aramean’s UNESCO World Heritage site tracker, which I reviewed a few months ago.

United States Counties

It is one of the items on my travel bucket list to visit all 3,143 US counties.

(SEE ALSO: Visiting 3,143 counties)

Unfortunately, my county map remains unchanged at 1,383 visited, as I have already been to Baltimore and Orlando (the sites of our connecting flights to/from San Juan), as well as all of Ohio, of course

Here's my county map

Here’s my county map

I did update my county information for Carolyn, though (What?!?! Of course I keep separate county lists for all the other members of my family as well! She claims that she has already been to Baltimore and Orlando as well, but her pre-marriage county history is not as well documented 🙂

I do have a county trip planned for March to hopefully get my county totals up a bit.  I mean if I visit 100 new counties each year (a stretch!), it’s still going to take me 17 more years to finish!!!

What about you?  What kind of map updates do you do after you’re on a trip?



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