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Those of us who travel at all know that there is one word that is not okay to even joke about in an airport.  I remember flying with my family a few years ago when they were all enamored with this Harry Potter themed Youtube video

and I was terrified that they would (of course at the worst possible moment) bust out with the punchline of the video (“I found the source of the ticking – it’s a pipe bomb!”)

According to ESPN, on Sunday, Green Bay Packers player Trevor Davis found that out the hard way

According to LAX police public information officer Rob Pedregon:

“Yesterday, Trevor Davis checked in at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter and was asked the usual questions about whether he was carrying any aerosol cans, knives, weapons or explosives,” Pedregon said. “Davis turned to his female companion and asked if she remembered to pack the explosives. He was then taken into custody and booked.”

The Packers released a statement that said that they were aware of the incident and had no further comment.



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