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Occasionally I see some interesting travel related products being crowd funded that I think you guys might be interested in.  We’ve talked about Fluent Forever (an app to learn languages), and the Voyage Travel Bag among others. Here’s a few of the travel related crowd funded projects that I’ve seen

Travel related kickstarters:

Today I wanted to talk a bit about this travel watch kickstarter that lets you see 24 global time zones at a glance

Global timezone travel watch features

I am not really a watch guy, though I know that there are many people that are.  This travel watch has a unique design that lets you see what time it is in 24 different global timezones.  Very handy if you travel a lot, or if you are often having to make calls to people in different parts of the world

The way it works I believe is that in additional to the regular hands for the watch, the inner dial (with the numbers from 1-24) also rotates and gives you the time in each of the cities on the outer dials). So in the example above, it’s 10:10 a.m. in the current time (GMT I supose) but 5:10 in New York or 19:10 in Seoul.

Of course, frequent travelers know that there are more than 24 timezones but this gives you at least a start 🙂

Global timezone watch kickstarter video

There is also a video showing off some of the different options and features of this travel watch kickstarter on its Kickstarter page, but I couldn’t figure out how to embed it here 🙂

Travel Watch backing levels and cost

The travel watch kickstarter has a variety of levels that you can back it at

  • $159 for a watch – 30% off retail price (you choose the style later on; estimated ship date is September 2018)
  • $299 for 2 watches
  • $429 for 3 watches

It’s already reached its kickstarter goal with $144,000 pledged from a $10,000 goal. Again, here is the link to back the global travel watch kickstarter – you have only 2 days left (till April 6th) to back it

What do you think? Do you have a bag from Nomatic? What do you think?  Planning on backing this?  Leave your experience in the comments!

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