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Trip Reports

Welcome to the Points With a Crew Trip Reports page. To view trip reports, click on any of the red markers.

Depending on your screen size, you may see blue, yellow or other colored cluster circles. This indicates trip reports that are geographically close to one another. Clicking on the circle will automatically zoom in

Use the legend to show / hide particular types of trip reports - enjoy!


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  1. cyril brdecka

    no senior disabled person should ever take Amtrak.Your life and pocket book are at the whim of the conductor and staff who don’t have any medical use to have accommadations for the disabled but now its a third world transportion longer help with heavy baggage and especially time and still stuck in reno,nv. only 6 hrs. on the train out Ca.In route to medical help in the Midwest.My luggage damaged,hotel costs more than my original fare.Now I have to go to local trama hospital.i don’t ever want take Amtrak again and I love train travel.HELP!
    (phone number redacted).Please.!!!stuck in brdecka.


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