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Okay so technically I’m well past TURNING 40, but 40’s a nice round number and plus it gives me a chance to share one of my favorite YouTube clips of all time

So if you’ll forgive this more lifestyle post that is only tangentially travel related, I was pondering my “advancing” age and came up with 4 things I no longer do that I’m 40

1. Ride spinny rides at amusement parks

I still enjoy roller coasters (mostly) but I have given up on the Scrambler and the Twister and whatever name it goes by.  We were at a company picnic this weekend at Coney Island which is where I first started thinking about this topic

The kids loved them and my wife was coerced into going but I… well I just stayed on the sidelines 🙂

2. Sleep anywhere but a bed

Another thing I’ve stopped doing is sleeping anywhere but in a bed.  I’ve never been a big camping guy (hello poison ivy all over my face at my first Boy Scout camp) but as I’ve gotten older I just found I hurt more and more if I even try it.

The only exceptions is that occasionally I will take a red eye flight and “sleep” on the plane

(SEE ALSO: 4 tips to survive a red eye in economy)

Though I gotta say I prefer that flat bed business class (or first class!)

3. Pull an “all nighter”

Along a similar vein, I am well past the time in my life where I enjoy staying up all night, whether that’s for work, school, surfing the Internet or playing video games.  I think I’m helped by the fact that my wife and I have a fairly standard routine where 95% of the time we go to bed together at the same time.  Both of us have mentioned before that if one of us is out of the house (traveling, usually), that the other has trouble sleeping

Gotta say, I’m really a fan of 8 hours of sleep!

4. Sweat the small stuff

#4 on the list of things I don’t do now that I’m 40 is a bit more of a conglomeration of a few different ideas, some of which I’m better at than others.  I try not to sweat the small stuff – which includes things like

  • Taking it personally when people leave me angry and/or insulting blog comments
  • Stress over buying / getting things
  • Feeling like I have to explain my decisions to people
  • Overly worrying over a few dollars, whether that’s part of planning a trip or on a trip itself

Like this time when I made my wife wander all around the streets of Old Dubai trying to find food that I felt was “cheap enough” (after 45 minutes of wandering we ended up at the exact same place we started 😀 )

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On her birthday, I thought I'd share a picture of my beautiful favorite travel companion, @yiayiarocks ! What a beautiful smile, even though she was probably annoyed with me because I had drug her all over Old Dubai looking for something that was "cheap enough" to eat for dinner. (We ended up eating at the very first place we stopped at…. 45 minutes later 😀 ) #dubaicity #dubainight #dubaitag #emirati #dubailife #cheapdate #birthdaygirl🎂 #travellingthroughtheworld #roundtheworld #tdads #tdad #traveling #travelphotography #latergram #tmom #pointswithacrew #pwac #somuchtosee #traveltheworld #dubaiinstagram #dubaiphotographer #seetheworld #traveldiary #travellovers #travelmemories #travelingram

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Though in my defense, at the time I was ONLY 39 years and 11 months 😛

What about you, any of my readers who are “of a certain age” – what are some things that you did when you were younger that you no longer do?

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