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The other day I saw a post that Elon Musk’s company has been selected to build and operate an “express service to transport people to O’Hare Airport from downtown in 12 minutes on electric vehicles in underground tunnels,”

Details on the high speed train from Downtown Chicago to O’Hare

The project would be privately funded and from from Block 37 in Downtown Chicago to Terminals 1-3 at O’Hare.  It would go about 125-150 miles per hour, which means that the journey would take about 10 minutes.

How much would the high speed train from Downtown Chicago to O’Hare airport cost?  The announcement says that it will cost less than half of current taxi or ride-share (Uber) costs but more than taking the existing Blue Line service.  So figure somewhere around $25?

This train would be similar to one that is either proposed or “in the works”, depending on who you talk to, in Los Angeles.  The Boring Company has released the following concept video for that service

Call me skeptical on this but I have a hard time seeing a) this ever actually getting off the ground (groan) not to mention that enough people would rather do this than just take the Blue Line, which costs $5 and takes about 45 minutes.  But hey, what do I know… Currently about 20,000 passengers a day travel between O’Hare and the Loop, a figure that is expected to rise to 35,000 by 2045.

Best boring puns?

When I mentioned this to some other travel related people, I speculated that this could be a fairly interesting way to get to the airport.  The response?

  • Definitely not interesting. It’s a boring way to get to the airport
  • if you dig a little deeper it should be obvious.
  • Totally tubular
  • There are a hole lot of bad puns in here…

I definitely want to hear your “boring” puns (or any other thoughts on the matter) – leave them in the comments!


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