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There’s lots of of talk around the traveling world about aisle seat or window seat on a plane.  I’m not sure I know of anyone that actually PREFERS the middle seat, though I’ve had some times when I’ve used my kids in a middle seat for a variety of reasons.

Personally I like a window seat because I’m a map and road geek, so I enjoy seeing cities and roads out the window.  There are definitely some downsides to having the window seat, such as having to climb over people if you need to use the restroom, and less legroom.

Aisle seat or window seat: the perfect answer!

The other day though, I came up with the perfect answer to the age old aisle seat or window seat debate.  I was flying from CVG to DFW on my way to visit every county in Utah (and eventually to the Family Travel for Real Life conference).  This flight is operated by an Embraer RJ-145 regional jet

So I reserved myself seat 8A.


Aisle seat or window seat?  It’s both!  All the benefits of a window seat AND all the benefits of an aisle seat as well! 😀

Here’s a little selfie of me in my aisle seat / window seat combo!


What about you?  Ever sat in aisle seat / window seat combo?  If not, what’s your preference?

Deciding between an aisle seat or window seat (or middle) is a fiercely debated topic, but here is my definitive answer

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