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I have written about cheap one way car rentals before, but each spring and fall, there is the possibility of cheap one way car rentals.  In the spring, you can get great deals going northbound, and in the fall, you can get the great one way car rental deals going southbound.

I saw a note from the Deal Mommy about this the other day, but Alamo is currently offering $9.99 / day car rentals for leaving Florida.

Alamo deal

Alamo is offering a deal where you can take a one-way car rental for as low as $9.95 / day.


You can start travel on April 1st, and you must pick up the car by May 31st.  I priced out an Economy car from Miami to Cincinnati for 4 days, and my $9.95 rate came to $78.15 total including taxes and fees and such.  You may be able to save some of that by picking up your car at a non-airport location, should that work for you.

Hertz one-way car rental deal

Hertz is also offering a one way car rental deal (affiliate link), but the rates are not as good.  You have to leave from Arizona, and have to drop it off in Texas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan or Northern California.

The rates start at $30.99 / day for an Economy car, which is not bad for a one-way rental, but not so great that I’d be interested in any kind of speculative booking.  Especially since you can get a minivan from Alamo for less! 😀


The deal is valid from March 22nd through May 31st.

Ever taken a one-way car rental?  One way car rentals make me think about county trips… I did take a one-way car rental from Sault Ste. Marie back to Cincinnati after the completion of #DiveInAllFive (Jumping in all 5 Great Lakes in one day) – it was expensive but not outrageously so, from what I remember.

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