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I am not a fan of flight attendants on power trips, though I do also try to understand the concept that we often don’t hear the complete story when a passenger takes to social media with their version.  After all, it’s only human nature for passengers to want to paint themselves in the best light possible and downplay anything that they might have done before the cameras started rolling.

I read a report over in USA Today about 5 passengers (including a child) kicked off of a Delta plane leaving from Fort Wayne Indiana.  The source comes from one of the affected passenger’s Instagram account

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Apologies y’all this is a LONG post but I have to share this. First, I want to acknowledge because I am painfully aware of the serious and profoundly heartbreaking injustices/events happening in our world and communities that I have grappled with sharing my experience. It seems small in the face of those things. But the micro is important and little things that go unchecked spiral. So I was on a flight leaving Fort Wayne, Indiana this past Saturday June 23rd after doing a DJ workshop for #gearfest @sweetwater for @serato when I was unfairly ejected from @delta flight 4527. Just before take off the flight attendant rudely told me to put my phone on airplane mode.As I was swiping to it the attendant menacingly stood over me with her arms folded waiting for me to do it. I told her “I know how to turn on airplane mode, you don’t have to stand over me” She became agitated and said “If you’re gonna act like that we can go back to the gate and you can get off” I held up my phone to show her that airplane mode was on. She stormed to the front then came back to my seat and said we were going back to the gate. She then accused me of not turning on airplane mode after being “told to do so several times”. She only asked me once. I then asked her “What can we do to rectify this so that we can all go?” She said “You can comply” and I repeated that I had and she argued I did not. At that point the passenger sitting behind me @ryanmillerphotos told her that I had complied and he witnessed me doing so. She then threatened to kick him off of the flight as well. A Latina woman two rows ahead politely asked the flight attendant to sit down so that we could fly and the attendant snapped at her. We returned to the gate an officer boarded the plane and the flight attendant directed him to take me, the Latina woman @ryanmillerphotos off of the flight then the entire plane had to deboard. Subsequently 4 adults and a little boy were ejected permanently from the flight and stranded in Indiana with no place to stay as @delta refused to put any of us,including the man with the child,in a hotel. That was the last flight out. Elena, the Latina woman who was also ejected was rushing

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I question whether this was truly “racism” as the passenger alleges, but I do believe that there are certainly cases where white people can get away with things that people of color can not (though it’s unclear whether this is one such case)

“Safety issues”

I understand that flight attendants have extremely broad power to remove passengers from flights for safety issues, and I support them in that – we all want our flights to be safe.

I just feel like we as a society need to start addressing the fact that most of these stories do not qualify as “safety” issues.  At least in what I saw, there was no safety issue whatsoever.  Unless you’re trying to say that a phone not put in airplane mode is going to crash the plane, in which case we probably would have had millions of planes crash by now 🙂

I mean at the end of the Instagram video, you can hear the flight attendant telling the second passenger (seated behind the original passenger) that “everyone with an attitude is getting off”  after he calmly gives his side of the story.  I feel like “attitude” would have to be ATTITUDE (!) before it would be a safety issue

What do you think? Should Delta have removed these 5 passengers?  Leave your notes in the comments


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