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It’s been a rocky year for eBay Bucks, at least according to the casual eBay buyer who is mostly buying gift card deals and other daily deals on eBay (i.e. me and probably most of you).  You used to be able to earn eBay bucks on gift card purchases (and with frequent 3x – 5x promotions, it was a pretty easy way to get 250 free dollars each quarter.  But now you earn nothing

eBay Bucks changesebay

Here are the eBay Bucks changes that I just got emailed.  All of these changes go into effect January 1, 2017

  • Base earnings are changing from 2% to 1%, now with more ways than ever to earn eBay Bucks.
  • From car parts to copiers & you can now earn rewards for shopping in the Parts & Accessories and Business & Industrial* categories.
  • Earn Bucks when you sell. We’ll be adding occasional promotions so you can also get rewarded when your items sell on eBay.**
  • No more $5 minimum earn restrictions for redeeming—now you’ll receive your rewards, no matter the amount.†
  • Sign up for promotional emails and get invites for special bonus offers.

What the eBay Bucks devaluation means

Thankfully, for those of us that essentially gave up on the eBay Bucks program earlier this year when they stopped awarding them on gift card purchases, this shouldn’t have much of an effect.  If you are still using eBay Bucks, well I guess you’ll need to be buying a LOT of car parts and copiers to make up for the drop in eBay Bucks base earnings from 2% down to 1%

You can read the full eBay Bucks terms and conditions here


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