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I read an article the other day that was published in Mental Floss about 10 shocking secrets of flight attendants.  While most of them were things that were not all that shocking (flight attendants will notice if you try to join the Mile High club?!?!? No way!), there were a few that I found interesting.  It looks like this article was originally published a few years ago, so you may have already seen it, but I’m sure some of you are like me in that it’s new

Copyright Michael Murphy used under CC BY-SA 3.0 license

The Diet Coke “problem”

According to the article, “Diet Coke takes the most time to pour—the fizz takes forever to settle at 35,000 feet. In the time it takes me to pour a single cup of Diet Coke, I can serve three passengers a different beverage”.  I had not heard that before, and I’m not sure I really understand why the carbonation in diet Coke is any different from other pop’s carbonation.  Personally, I generally go for Diet Dr. Pepper.

The other 9 “shocking secrets”

The article also mentioned how their seniority affects everything about their job, including how long their skirts can be.  The complexity of airline union contracts are one of the reasons that Lucky wrote about why United is flying a 787 domestically (instead of internationally)

Some of my other favorite ones involved dead bodies, how flight attendants get paid, and extreme turbulence.  Read the whole list here at Mental Floss.


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