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Hotel category changes are a part of life, and as long as they’re adequately communicated, I have no problem with them.  As is the case with any outstanding travel deal, if there’s outsized value, you better take advantage while you can, because it’s not going to last forever.

In January it was IHG’s turn to change categories, in February Starwood changed categories, and now it’s Hyatt’s turn.  A few weeks ago, the news broke that there are 106 Hyatt hotels that are changing categories.

  • 1 is going down 2 categories (the Hyatt Centric South Beach in Miami)
  • 55 are going down 1 category
  • 49 are going up 1 category
  • 1 is going up 2 categories – the Hyatt Place Asheville Downtown in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The category changes are going into effect on August 1st, and as long as you book before then, you can get the current award rate.  If you have a reservation for after August 1st at a hotel whose category is going down, you will get a refund.

I always find it a bit disingenuous that the marketing spin is that “Look, more hotels are going down than going up!  It’s not that bad!”.  While that is technically true, it belies the fact that the hotels that are going up in category are the ones everyone wants to stay at, while the ones going down seem to always be in India and China!  Seriously 25 of the 56 hotels going down are either in India and China.  So good news if you live or travel often to one of those 2 countries; bad news if you live anywhere else.

I have been to the Hyatt House San Juan Puerto Rico, which is moving from a Category 2 to a Category 3, and I can say that IMO that is a justified move – the cash rate during our stay was $275


Map of Hyatt hotels changing category

As always, I find it much easier to look at a map to see where these changes are.  The geocoding isn’t great (to the street level) but it will at least should get you in the right city / country.  In some cases there are a few hotels in a given city that are changing category, so in those circumstances, the table may be more helpful

As you can see, although the spin is that many hotels are going down in addition to the ones going up, North America is COVERED in red (hotels going up in category) while all the green is in India and China

Table of Hyatt Category Changes

Here is a sortable table of the 106 Hyatt hotels changing categories

IdHotel NameCityStateCountryBrandHotel URLLatitudeLongitudeOld CategoryNew CategoryChange
1Hyatt House Dallas/FriscoFriscoTexasUnited States33.1506744-96.8236116121
2Hyatt House Dallas/Lincoln ParkLincoln ParkTexasUnited States33.2220631-96.9727843121
3Hyatt House Dallas/UptownDallasTexasUnited States32.7766642-96.7969879121
4Hyatt House Denver/Lakwood at BelmarLakewoodColoradoUnited States39.7047095-105.0813734121
5Hyatt Place AugustaAugustaGeorgiaUnited States33.4734978-82.0105148121
6Hyatt Place Buffalo/AmherstBuffaloNew YorkUnited States42.8864468-78.8783689121
7Hyatt Place ChampaignChampaignIllinoisUnited States40.1164204-88.2433829121
8Hyatt Place Corpus ChristiCorpus ChristiTexasUnited States27.8005828-97.396381121
9Hyatt Place Dallas/GrapevineGrapevineTexasUnited States32.9342919-97.0780654121
10Hyatt Place Nashville/Franklin/Cool SpringsFranklinTennesseeUnited States35.9250637-86.8688899121
11Hyatt Place Nashville/HendersonvilleHendersonvilleTennesseeUnited States36.3047735-86.6199957121
12Hyatt Place North CharlestonNorth CharlestonSouth CarolinaUnited States32.8546197-79.9748103121
13Hyatt Place Sacramento/RosevilleSacramentoCaliforniaUnited States38.5815719-121.4943996121
14Hyatt Place Salt Lake City AirportSalt Lake CityUtahUnited States40.7607793-111.8910474121
15Hyatt Place Santiago/VitacuraSantiagoChile-33.4488897-70.6692655121
16Hyatt Place Savannah AirportSavannahGeorgiaUnited States32.0835407-81.0998342121
17Hyatt Regency Suites Atlanta NorthwestAtlantaGeorgiaUnited States33.7489954-84.3879824121
18Hyatt Place Asheville DowntownAshevilleNorth CarolinaUnited States35.5950581-82.5514869132
19Hyatt AhmedabadAhmedabadIndia23.02250572.571362121-1
20Hyatt AmritsarAmritsarIndia31.633979374.872264221-1
21Hyatt BangaloreBangaloreIndia12.971598777.594562721-1
22Hyatt House GaithersburgGaithersburgMarylandUnited States39.1434406-77.201370521-1
23Hyatt House Mt. LaurelMt. LaurelNew JerseyUnited States39.934002-74.890998821-1
24Hyatt HyderabadHyderabadIndia17.38504478.48667121-1
25Hyatt Place Albuquerque/UptownAlbuquerqueNew MexicoUnited States35.0853336-106.605553421-1
26Hyatt Place Ciudad del CarmenCiudad del CarmenMexico18.6504879-91.807458621-1
27Hyatt Place Dallas/Arlington/Grand PrairieArlingtonTexasUnited States32.735687-97.108065621-1
28Hyatt Place El Paso AirportEl PasoTexasUnited States31.7618778-106.485021721-1
29Hyatt Place Fredericksburg UMWFredericksburgMarylandUnited States39.1940646-77.24342621-1
30Hyatt Place La PazLa PazMexico24.1426408-110.312753121-1
31Hyatt Place Los CabosLos CabosMexico22.8905327-109.916737121-1
32Hyatt Place Mt. LaurelMt. LaurelNew JerseyUnited States39.934002-74.890998821-1
33Hyatt Place Phoenix Chandler-Fashion CenterChandlerArizonaUnited States33.3061605-111.841250221-1
34Hyatt Place Phoenix/GilbertGilbertArizonaUnited States33.3528264-111.78902721-1
35Hyatt Place Phoenix-MesaMesaArizonaUnited States33.4151843-111.831472421-1
36Hyatt Place Pittsburgh AirportPittsburghPennsylvaniaUnited States40.4406248-79.995886421-1
37Hyatt Place Pittsburgh/CranberryCranberryPennsylvaniaUnited States41.3497822-79.710051321-1
38Hyatt Place San Antonio North/Stone OakSan AntonioTexasUnited States29.4241219-98.493628221-1
39Hyatt Place Tempe/Phoenix AirportTempeArizonaUnited States33.4255104-111.940005421-1
40Hyatt PunePuneIndia18.520430373.856743721-1
41Hyatt RaipurRaipurIndia21.251384481.629641321-1
42Hyatt Regency AhmedabadAhmedabadIndia23.02250572.571362121-1
43Hyatt Regency ChandigarhChandigarhIndia30.733314876.779417921-1
44Hyatt Regency ChangchunChangchunChina43.817072125.32354421-1
45Hyatt Regency ChennaiChennaiIndia13.082680280.270718421-1
46Hyatt Regency ChongqingChongqingChina29.56301106.55155621-1
47Hyatt Regency DullesDullesVirginiaUnited States38.9558546-77.447819321-1
48Hyatt Regency FairfaxFairfaxVirginiaUnited States38.8462236-77.306373321-1
49Hyatt Regency GuiyangGuiyangChina26.647661106.63015421-1
50Hyatt Regency GurgaonGurgaonIndia28.459496577.026638321-1
51Hyatt Regency KolkataKolkataIndia22.57264688.36389521-1
52Hyatt Regency LudhianaLudhianaIndia30.90096575.857275821-1
53Hyatt Regnecy Tianjin EastTianjinChina39.084158117.20098321-1
54Park Hyatt ChennaiChennaiIndia13.082680280.270718421-1
55Grand Hyatt AmmanAmmanJordan31.945366635.9283716231
56Grand Hyatt ChengduChengduIndia30.6231439104.0655609231
57Grand Hyatt IncheonIncheonSouth Korea37.4562557126.7052062231
58Grand Hyatt SantiagoSantiagoChile-33.4488897-70.6692655231
59Hyatt House Atlanta/DowntownAtlantaGeorgiaUnited States33.7489954-84.3879824231
60Hyatt House Belmont/Redwood ShoresBelmontCaliforniaUnited States37.5202145-122.2758008231
61Hyatt House Boston/WalthamWalthamMassachusettsUnited States42.3764852-71.2356113231
62Hyatt House Emeryville/San Francisco Bay AreaEmeryvilleCaliforniaUnited States37.831316-122.2852473231
63Hyatt House Falls Church/MerrifieldFalls ChurchVirginiaUnited States38.882334-77.1710914231
64Hyatt House Naples/5th AvenueNaplesFloridaUnited States26.1420358-81.7948103231
65Hyatt House PleasantonPleasantonCaliforniaUnited States37.6624312-121.8746789231
66Hyatt House San Diego/Sorrento MesaSan DiegoCaliforniaUnited States32.715738-117.1610838231
67Hyatt House San JuanSan JuanPuerto Rico18.4655394-66.1057355231
68Hyatt House Santa ClaraSanta ClaraCaliforniaUnited States37.3541079-121.9552356231
69Hyatt Place Chicago South UniversityChicagoIllinoisUnited States41.8781136-87.6297982231
70Hyatt Place Fort Worth Historic StockyardsFort WorthTexasUnited States32.7554883-97.3307658231
71Hyatt Place Garden CityGarden CityNew YorkUnited States40.7267682-73.6342954231
72Hyatt Place Houston/The WoodlandsHoustonTexasUnited States29.7604267-95.3698028231
73Hyatt Place Mohegan SunUncasvilleConnecticutUnited States41.4316905-72.1100945231
74Hyatt Place Portland AirportPortlandOregonUnited States45.5230622-122.6764816231
75Hyatt Place San Juan/City CenterSan JuanPuerto Rico18.4655394-66.1057355231
76Hyatt Regency DallasDallasTexasUnited States32.7766642-96.7969879231
77Hyatt Regency SF AirportSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited States37.7749295-122.4194155231
78Hyatt ValenciaValenciaCaliforniaUnited States34.417669-118.562937231
79Hyatt Place Secaucus/MeadowlandsSeacucusNew JerseyUnited States40.7895453-74.056529832-1
80Hyatt Regency BelgradeBelgradeSerbia44.78656820.448921632-1
81Hyatt Regency DelhiDelhiIndia24.634801481.56786932-1
82Hyatt Regency EkaterinburgEkaterinburgRussia56.838926160.605702532-1
83Hyatt Regency MumbaiMumbaiIndia19.075983772.877655932-1
84Hyatt Regency PunePuneIndia18.520430373.856743732-1
85Hyatt Regency QingdaoQingdaoChina36.067108120.38260932-1
86Hyatt Regency ThessalonikiThessalonikiGreece40.640062922.944419132-1
87Park Hyatt HyderabadHyderabadIndia17.38504478.48667132-1
88Grand Hyatt DFWDallasTexasUnited States32.7766642-96.7969879341
89Hyatt Place Dewey BeachDewey BeachDelawareUnited States38.6928899-75.0746249341
90Hyatt Place Nashville DowntownNashvilleTennesseeUnited States36.1626638-86.7816016341
91Hyatt Regency McCormick PlaceChicagoIllinoisUnited States41.8781136-87.6297982341
92Grand Hyatt Kuala LumpurKuala LumpurMalaysia3.139003101.68685543-1
93Grand Hyatt LijiangLijiangChina26.855047100.22775143-1
94Grand Hyatt MumbaiMumbaiIndia19.075983772.877655943-1
95Hyatt Regency BakuBakuAzerbaijan40.409261749.867092443-1
96Hyatt Regency ChangbaishanChangbaishanChina35.942907108.61859343-1
97Hyatt Regency Houston/GalleriaHoustonTexasUnited States29.7604267-95.369802843-1
98Hyatt Regency PerthPerthAustralia-31.9505269115.860457243-1
99Hyatt Regency Phuket ResortPhuketThailand7.951933198.338088443-1
100Hyatt Centric Park CityPark CityUtahUnited States40.6460622-111.4979729451
101Hyatt Centric The Loop ChicagoChicagoIllinoisUnited States41.8781136-87.6297982451
102Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the HudsonJersey CityNew JerseyUnited States40.7281575-74.0776417451
103Hyatt Regency San FranciscoSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited States37.7749295-122.4194155451
104Hyatt Regency Hill Country ResortSan AntonioTexasUnited States29.4241219-98.493628254-1
105Hyatt Regency SochiSochiRussia43.602807939.734154354-1
106Hyatt Centric South Beach MiamiMiamiFloridaUnited States25.7616798-80.191790264-2

Readers: Any hotels changing category that are on your “list”?

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