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One of the best uses of Marriott points has heretofore been using them on 7 night travel packages.  For anywhere from 200,000-300,000 Marriott points, you could get a 7 night hotel stay AND 50,000 – 100,000 airline miles

Here is the current chart for Marriott Hotel + Air packages for United miles (which get an extra 10% miles; so 55,000 miles instead of 50,000 miles)

This used to be one of the best ways to get the Southwest Companion Pass without flying, though Southwest stopped counting airline miles earned from hotel transfers in 2017.

If you didn’t want to spend 7 nights at one property, there were also 5 night packages available, though those became harder and harder to book.

Marriott changing the chart

Unfortunately, like all good things it appears that these hotel + air packages being super valuable has come to an end.

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Marriott announced yesterday that they were changing the chart for these hotel and air packages.  Here is the new chart

The 10% bonus for United miles will remain, so if you choose to redeem in United miles, you will get 55,000 or 110,000 miles in addition to the 7 night stay.  Since the categories of the hotels are changing slightly, it’s hard to do a 1 for 1 comparison of the old costs and the new costs, but it’s clear that they are higher now, much higher.

What happens now?

As of right now, you CAN still book hotel and air packages under the old prices, but there is no definitive end date.  So if it’s been something that you’ve been meaning to do for awhile, now’s the time! It’s not clear yet what will happen to certificates booked under the old categories.  There has been talk that they will be “converted into points”, but to date there has not been any definitive guidelines, so YMMV for sure.  I’m not sure I would speculatively book anything that you couldn’t use / book soon.

Planning on booking any Marriott hotel + air packages?  Leave your thoughts in the comments


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