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We received a comment this morning regarding the upcoming Hertz packages available through Daily Getaways that was a bit alarming:

“This is jumping the gun a bit but we need a blogger to look at the Hertz deal next week. Hertz just implemented one of the biggest devaluations I’ve ever seen (awards costs increased 50-67% across the board). The deal for next week is now completely inaccurate and misleading in its description (not their fault – Hertz did this completely underhandedly). As example, the 16,500 rewards now costs 25,000. The 13,200 reward doesn’t even exist as weekend rewards were eliminated.”

Looking into things, I found a Flyertalk thread discussing this very subject. Heading over to the Hertz website, I confirmed what folks were seeing.

It’s true: Hertz just devalued their program substantially

While devaluations are inevitable, implementing without any notice to members is absolutely unacceptable. I just hit 2,200 Hertz points and was looking at booking two one-way weekend rentals for upcoming trips. When I went to check the rates to the Bay Area, I was presented with a new price:

These used to cost 1,100 points one-way, so the new pricing represents an increase of 36%, which is hard to swallow. This now means I cannot make the two bookings I wanted with my heard earned points. The Hertz award chart has been totally changed.

Spending 1,500 points for a one-way rental that would cost $250 is still acceptable. I’m getting excellent value. What is not acceptable is yanking the carpet out from under my plans by not providing any notice. For anyone who has saved Hertz points for an upcoming vacation, a 36% increase could be crushing.

Adding injury to insult

[EDIT: Daily Getaways reached out to Hertz, and the car rental company agreed to increase the number of points being sold while keeping prices the same, so that the stated awards are still correct].

While a no-notice devaluation is a terrible thing for members, it is completely unacceptable for Hertz to be selling packages that no longer deliver what is advertised. The one-week rental package of 5,500 points (former AnyDay pricing), selling for $280, should deliver just that. Now the standard reward costs 3,750 points (up from 2,750) and the AnyDay price is 7,500 points. Another 36% devaluation.

The standard daily rental price has increased from 675 points to 750 points, and the discounted weekend rental option has disappeared completely. The one-week Hertz Prestige Collection Anytime award is changing from 16,500 points to 25,000 points (51% price increase). How I would hate to buy that package during Daily Getaways to find that I can’t book what I thought I could.


Hertz has long been my favorite car rental company, so this devaluation really…hurts. I’ve sort of been expecting that things would change, but to make no notice changes to the program ahead of selling a number of packages advertising specific redemption values to folks is underhanded and completely unacceptable.

Points With a Crew has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Points With a Crew and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Other links on this page may also pay me a commission - as always, thanks for your support if you use them

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