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A very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


And if you celebrate a different winter holiday (or none at all!), I hope you’ll find some happiness from this simple flowchart



My travel hacking Christmas present

Santa was very good to me this year – one problem that I have been having is keeping track of all my different credit cards.  Like many of you I suppose, I have… a “few” cards.  Currently they just all sit in a drawer in my house, not organized at all.  I even “lost” one of my Bank of America Alaska cards and had to call to get a new one (but then I found it anyways)

So Santa brought me a binder to store all my cards!


Not the real numbers or expiration dates 🙂

(I did have to remind my daughter when she was making me the cover to not use the REAL credit card numbers and expiration dates :-D).  I also enjoy the rendition of the “northern lights” version of the Alaska Airlines card

I had seen this as an idea from a different travel hacker (can’t remember who).  It combines a regular binder with trading card inserts to hold different cards, not to mention creative usage of leftover wrapping paper to block out the actual CC numbers 🙂


Back when I was an “extreme” couponer, I had a similar setup, which was great except for the times I kept forgetting it in my shopping cart and leaving it at stores!  With this credit card binder, I am imagining just leaving it at home and only taking cards in and out as needed to fulfill different promotions.  I am not sure exactly how I will organize the different sheets – probably a page for each brand and then keeping primary and authorized user cards in the same sleeve?  Does that make sense or might there be another way to do it?

Do any of you use something like this or something completely different to keep track of your different cards?  I’d love to hear your strategy for keeping track of different cards in the comments.

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