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April Fool’s Day is the one day a year marketing teams get to have a little fun with their brands. I’m not going to lie, April Fool’s Day is one of my least favorite days of the year. Maybe I’m a old curmudgeon, but I just don’t find anything humorous about the day. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose!

Even though it’s not my favorite, here are 4 travel-related April Fool’s Day pranks from this year:

1. The Emirates triple decker

Per Emirates Facebook page, they’re introducing the world’s first triple decker airplane:

Emirates unveils plans for the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 includes a swimming pool, games room, gym and park.


I mean, I guess if you’re already carrying water for showers, what’s a little extra water to fill a pool? 😉

2. Bucklr, by Southwest

Up for a little romance? Southwest’s got you covered!

3. WestJet rebrands as…Canada Air?

I wonder how Air Canada would feel about this? WestJet seems to have gone all out, changing both their Twitter and Facebook in hono(u)r of this very momentous day.

4. Germany to defect to GMT

In what is likely a jab at the United Kingdom’s “brexit”, the German embassy in London tweeted:

5. Delta shoots for Mars

Once you fly to six continents across the globe, what’s stopping you from interstellar travel? Not much, if you’re Delta!

ATLANTA, April 1, 2017 – Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), no longer content to offer the industry’s most thoughtful customer service, most innovative products and most reliable performance only on its home planet, is planning to expand service to Mars in the summer of 2017. This historic network expansion will be the first offered between planets by an Earth-based airline.

“We continuously strive to offer our customers convenient ways to travel to their destination of choice, whether that be to Middle America to visit Mom, or to the Red Planet to search for signs of life,” a Delta spokesperson said. “It’s a bold move that comes with a few logistical challenges and an aggressive timeline, but Delta people have shown again and again they can handle anything.”

Delta’s planned service is contingent on regulatory approvals from the U.S. government, United Nations Security Council, Star Fleet Command and the Galactic Empire. And also the development of a landing facility, any type of infrastructure and an atmosphere that can sustain Earthlings.


Remember, it’s April 1st, so take everything you read today with a grain of salt!

Were you fooled today? If so, who got you? Let us know below!

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