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best wester logoThe other day I wrote some more about the Best Western Best Rate Guarantee.  I first wrote about it back in March, when I was able to successfully get approved for one night at a Best Western in Indianapolis.  This week, I wrote about how I thought I was able to get another BRG, only to be denied three different times by three different users with three different reasons.

At the end of that post, I wondered whether I would try again or just give it up and cancel my reservation.  In the end, I couldn’t let it go, so I sent one more email:


Email #4!

I have to say that I am feeling somewhat frustrated as the rate is CLEARLY lower on multiple sites and I have now been given THREE separate reasons for why this claim has been denied?  I am starting to feel like the Best Western BRG is a bait and switch marketing ploy that doesn’t actually exist….

I have attached a screenshot from yet another site ( showing a lower rate ($72.32).  Please help me out here!

best western brg 20140804 3A different response

This time I got a different response

Dear Mr. Miller,


Thank you for contacting Best Western International.


We are having this reveiwed by our specialists and will be contacting you back shortly with the results.


.If we can be of further service, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

I was given a bit of hope by something different, but after 2 days I still had not heard anything back, so I sent back a quick note asking if there was any update on it.

Rejected…. again!

Dear Mr. Miller,


Thank you for your email.


We have reviewed your request for the Low Rate Guarantee and it has been denied, because the $67.36 rate you found on the third party website is for a double run of the house and you have booked 2 Queen beds on our website.

If we can be of further service, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

It looked like they had gone back to their FIRST reason for rejection – somehow the guy responding to this email must have not seen my latest email.  So I responded again with my latest screenshot (from amoma).

Fifth time’s a charm!

Then last night, I got an email talking about a new Best Western reservation, of $73 (instead of the $99 that I booked originally).  When I saw that email, my hopes really got up.  Then this morning, I got a 2nd email

Dear Mr.Miller,


I am pleased to inform you that your low rate guarantee for the Best Western McCarran Inn has been approved. Your rate has been changed to $73 and a new email confirmation has been sent. You will receive your Travel Card about 2-3 weeks after you complete your stay via email.

Woohoo!  Success!

Was it worth it?

So was it worth the hassle?  I would say yes.  It did take a lot of time and some mild frustration, but in the end, persistence paid off.  I would definitely do it again.  I’m also pleased to be able to report back to people that the Best Western BRG does actually exist (though you do have to be persistent and/or jump through hoops to get it.

The 5th time's the charm - I had to fight Best Western for a best rate guarantee (BRG) and it was FINALLY approved!!

What about you?  How much hassle is a free hotel room worth to you?


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