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Since 2000, jetBlue has been a fixture in New York City, growing from just two cities (Buffalo, NY and Ft. Lauderdale, FL) to over 70 today. One of my favorite things about jetBlue is the varied designs on their tails. Per this photo on, jetBlue is unveiling a new design to celebrate their 17th anniversary: High Rise. That got me thinking, out of all the tail designs, which are my favorite jetBlue tail designs? With 21 to choose from, including High Rise, it wasn’t easy! After deliberation, here are my top seven!

#7: Binary


Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved computers, but this design has always captivated me. That, coupled with the fact that the design continues on to the fuselage makes this a standout in my mind.

#6: Barcode


Barcode is awesome in person, must be the hints of orange in it! I flew a Barcode-branded E190 from Burlington to NYC a few years ago, and have loved this design ever since.

#5: Blueberries


There’s just something so whimsical about this design, I can’t really put my finger on it, but it really stands out for me.

#4: FDNY


I may not be a native New Yorker, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the hard work the employees of the FDNY do every day to keep NYC safe. Plus, this jetBlue plane is red–not something you see everyday on the tarmac!

#3: Prism


To celebrate the introduction of their Mint first class service, jetBlue introduced this design, with just a hint of mint on the tail. I’m a big fan of the geometric design, and the green. Just remember that all A321s have this design, but not all A321s have Mint first class!

#2: Tartan


Like jetBlue, I’m a sucker for plaid, ask anyone and they’ll say it’s my go-to pattern. In the case of the newer designs, I like how jetBlue has incorporated pops of color into their designs while still retaining that “jetBlue” aesthetic.

#1: Boston Red Sox


I’m a New Englander at heart, so how could this NOT be my number one? Again, full design liveries are some of my favorite, and while this one may be gray, it certainly isn’t boring!


I know I may catch some flak for my choices, but I thought this would a great post to honor 17 years of jetBlue in NYC. You can check out all the jetBlue tail designs here.

What are some of your favorite jetBlue tail designs? Let us know!

Header image courtesy of Michael Gray.

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