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Several people emailed me today to tell me about a promotion that SAS is running, where up to 8 kids fly free from the US to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland


For some reason, people seem to think of me when there are promotions involving lots of kids ūüôā

Fine print says:

  • Book by January 23rd (Monday)
  • Travel between February 7th and April 9th

This is quite a deal!

On the surface, this is a pretty amazing deal!  Here is an example of a flight between Chicago and Stockholm


That’s for 1 adult and 8 kids, so 9 people total roundtrip from the US to Europe for $1165.53, or about $129 per person! ¬†That’s just about as cheap as it’s possible to fly roundtrip from the US to Europe, though I once (almost) flew British Airways first class roundtrip to Europe for about $80. ¬†Even WOW’s fares usually only go down to $99, and that’s one-way! ¬†I mean in this situation, over 50% of the fare are taxes and fees which you really can’t escape

But… taking a 2nd look

So I got super excited Рand started planning possible spring break trips, but then I took a look at some of the other details.  Here are 2 big problems for our family

  1. The free child fares are only for kids under 12. ¬†Since my older 3 kids are 12 and older, we would “only” get 3 free fares, and have to pay for 5.
  2. The discounted fares are only on SAS metal Рthey fly from Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm to New York, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco in the US.  If I priced out a CVG-ARN ticket, everything came up full price.  So we would need to make our way to one of those locations

So I think that I will pass on this deal, as good as it sounds.  I looked at possibly taking 1 of 2 of my younger kids with me, especially since my younger son wants to go to Sweden for his long-distance trip with me this year!  But even then, I think using miles may be a better solution.

But It absolutely might make sense for you and your family though, so check it out if you think it will!

If you’re going to book a ticket using this kids fly free to Europe deal on SAS, let me know in the comments!

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