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WOW Air is a low cost carrier based in Reykjavik, Iceland.  They fly from Boston, Baltimore (BWI) and Los Angeles to Iceland, and then also continuing on to several European cities as well.  WOWAir’s big “gimmick” is $99 promotional fares from either Boston or Baltimore to Iceland.


They’ve done that several times before, in October 2014 and January 2015 (and a few other times that I haven’t posted).

$99 fares to Iceland

The $99 fares are only between Boston or Baltimore and Iceland (KEF).  If you fly from Los Angeles or San Francisco, you’ll usually end up paying $199.

And that is not including any of the fees that WOW charges, some of which you’re probably going to want to pay.  They will charge for seat selection, any food or drink, and even if you bring a carryon (if it weighs more than 11 pounds, which is NOT a lot)

Return fares are higher

The cheapest fares going back from Iceland are $159, though most “convenient” dates are a bit higher.  Still, $159 is not a bad price, though you may find it more advantageous to use miles or another way to get back.


Above, you can see that there are actually deals going from the US to mainland Europe as well – including Los Angeles to Amsterdam for only $199 (cheaper than the direct flight to Reykjavik!).  Again, return flights back to the US are typically more expensive, which is a bit strange, since typically flights from Europe to the US are CHEAPER (at least on the major carriers)

Book directly at WOWAir’s website

Good luck out there and happy booking!

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