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Here we are… the moment we’ve been waiting for, and have been planning for MONTHS!  Mrs. PWaC and I are headed to Europe (kid-free) for 9 days! Flights and hotels booked (thank you million miles and points!).  Babysitter lined up (no small feat when you have SIX kids!)

We board Aer Lingus flight 138 from Boston to Dublin at Gate 3A at Boston Logan airport.


We’re among the first people to board (through the “glorious” Priority Boarding Lane). We quickly find our seats – 4H and 4K, and bask in their ridiculousness


Keep in mind, this is our first EVER flight in non-economy non-domestic seats, so the fact that we even have in-flight entertainment or room to stretch out, or adjustable anything is just mind-boggling! (never happened for us before).  In fact, here’s a picture of Carolyn LITERALLY CRYING from how ridiculous our life is


Everyone boards, and the flight attendant comes by with champagne (we don’t drink, so we took an orange juice).  But then there’s a slight malfunction with the door to the plane.  It is shutting, but the sensors say it isn’t.  No matter, we start watching Tomorrowland on the in-flight entertainment.

But then there seems to be more problems with the door.  No matter, let’s bring out the appetizer tray!


Tasty!  But… then we finish our movie?  After careful deliberation, we decide to watch The Wedding Singer, even though we know that anyone that sees us watching it will judge us.  But halfway into the movie, they announce that they’ve exhausted all possible options and unfortunately the flight is… CANCELED!

What happens next to our intrepid adventurers?!?  Find out next time!

Our trip took a nose dive as I thought I would be writing an Aer Lingus Business class review, just to have our FLIGHT CANCELED!!!


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