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UPDATE: One or more of the offers in this post have expired – check out top hotel credit card offers here.

There is a current offer for the Marriott credit card that is offering 80,000 points as a signup bonus.


Comparing it to the 70,000 point offer

Before the current 80,000 point offer came out a few months ago, there was a 70,000 point offer, but there are a few differences between the two offers

  • The obvious difference is 70,000 points vs. 80,000 points (duh)
  • The 70,000 point offer had the $85 annual fee waived for the first year.  The current 80,000 point offer does not
  • The 70,000 point offer gave a certificate for a free Category 1-4 night when you signed up, while the 80,000 point offer does not give any certificates at signup
  • The 80,000 point offer DOES give a certificate for a free Category 1-5 night upon your anniversary (so after a year)

Calling to get the 80,000 point offer

Many times if a better offer comes out after you’ve signed up for a credit card, you can call in and have the offer matched.  I’ve had success with several banks (including Chase) with matching offers.  In this case, I think you are unlikely to get any kind of match, since these offers are different enough that it’s not a clear “better offer”

Make sure to get the Marriott card that you want!

I know it can seem that bigger is always better, but the 80,000 point offer is not necessarily better!  The 70,000 point offer definitely has its advantages, and according to the current rules and best practices of credit card signups, you won’t be eligible for another bonus on a Chase Marriott card for 24 months after you open or close this card.

I do have a link for the 80,000 point Marriott offer on our top hotel credit cards page if you’d like to support the blog, but just make sure that’s the offer you want!

View from the Wing reports that the 80,000 point offer is expiring on August 31st, so if this is the one you want, your time is running out


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