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UPDATE 1/31/17 – Today is the last day to lock in AwardWallet Plus before prices go up tomorrow

For those who have a ton of frequent flier and/or loyalty accounts, Award Wallet has become the go to tracker for those accounts, their passwords, and any trips you may have associated with those accounts. There’s a reason it ranked #1 on the PWaC list of the top 10 miles and points tools.  When you have 30+ memberships of your own to keep track of, plus your spouse’s, AwardWallet can be a real lifesaver. It also allows you log in directly to those sites, rather than opening a new tab and having to remember all the account details. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the service, I highly recommend that you check it out as well as read Dan’s previous post on it. To put it simply, AwardWallet prices were well worth the investment.

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For the longest time, AwardWallet Prices have stayed the same: $10 a year, which in my opinion was a steal, given the functionality of the site. Yesterday, we learned from View from the Wing that Award Wallet prices would be increasing in 2017. How much you ask? Threefold, to $30 a year! Ouch!  If you’re already an AwardWallet user, you probably got an email recently saying something like this:


As you can see above, there is some good news for those who have ever paid for the AwardWallet Plus service. Those individuals will be grandfathered into the old price of $10 per year. To me, this is a no-brainer, as I’ve come to rely heavily on AwardWallet Plus.

NOTE: As View from the Wing’s post also mentions, this grandfather clause only applies to people who have paid for AwardWallet Plus in the past, and not those who have attained the service through a coupon code.

If you haven’t signed up for AwardWallet Plus, you have until February 1st to do so and be locked into the old AwardWallet prices. You’d be silly not to, especially if you value the Plus amenities over the free version. As Dan’s previous post highlights, the benefits of the Plus version include:

  • Tracking expiration dates for all your accounts (free version only tracks 3)
  • Exporting your accounts to PDF or Excel
  • Historical charts for your point balances
  • Adding additional things to your account (like if you have a free night voucher, or a companion pass, etc.)

So what are you waiting for? Get over there and lock in the old AwardWallet prices!

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