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citibankA few months ago, I wrote a post about how I use Plastiq to pay my mortgage and get “free” miles and points.  It involves using the AT&T Access More credit card, which gives 3x points on many online purchases (including mortgages and rent through Plastiq)

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Unfortunately, Citibank has removed all known working signup links to the AT&T Access More card, so if you don’t have one already, it makes it kind of hard to get one!

A workaround to still get the AT&T Access More card

We’ve had some good discussions on the Points With a Crew miles and points Slack channel about how you can still get the AT&T Access More card through a PRODUCT CHANGE, and several people have reported success doing this.  We’ve had data points with people doing a product change from an AAdvantage card and the Diamond card.


I mentioned it over on the Travel Hacking 101 Facebook group as well and there were a few people there that were able to

I thought this was fairly well-known but enough people have been surprised by it that I thought it was worth a post mentioning it.

You won’t get the signup bonus (which was a $650 credit towards a new phone), and there is an annual fee of $95 I believe (though I’m not sure how that works out if you’re product changing).The main reason you’d want this card is for the 3x ThankYou points on online purchases.  You do also get a 10,000 ThankYou point bonus if you’ve spent $10,000 or more on the card by your anniversary, which is one of the reasons I listed it as one of my 4 credit cards I’ll pay the annual fee on.

One other thing to mention is that ThankYou points earned with the AT&T Access More card can NOT be transferred to airline and hotel partners unless you also have a Citi Premier or Prestige.  Something to think about as you’re making your plans for new Citi cards over the next 2 weeks in response to Citibank changing the rules for churners.

Did you know you could still product change a Citi card to the AT&T Access More card?  Are you planning to do that?

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