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So the other day, I reported on a letter that I got from eBay, suggesting that I might be in violation of their policy on “site interference“.  The letter said, in part,

Listings promoted on the eBay Deals have a cost factor associated with them. While we are happy to provide great deals to our customers, we do so with hopes that our customers will buy or sell other items on the site.

We have become aware of your purchase activity being focused primarily on high demand Deals items.

I was not the only person to receive that email – several people reported also getting the same form email, and some people reported getting their purchases canceled.

In the 2 days since I got the email, I have received no fewer than FOUR promotional emails urging me to hurry up and buy something on eBay.  I have reproduced some of them below




I find it a bit disingenuous of eBay to, on the one hand, tell me to stop buying “deals” and on the other hand, pummel my inbox with promotional emails!  Cmon eBay – make up your mind!!

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