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A few years ago, my wife and I took a kids-free trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  While this wasn’t our first “free” trip with miles and points, it was a “surprise” trip where I didn’t tell Carolyn where we were going and one where we bartered airline miles for babysitting

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San Juan as viewed from the fort

San Juan as viewed from the fort

Questioned by the creepy guy in San Juan Puerto Rico

We stayed at the Hyatt House San Juan, which was IMO an incredible bargain at only 8000 Hyatt points a night.  One morning we walked from the hotel (which was in the Condado region of San Juan) over to Old San Juan, which is about a 2 mile walk.  At one point, we were stopped by an older gentleman.  Here is what I had to say about that in my original post

…as we were crossing up to Avenida Rivera, a guy came up to us and asked if we spoke English.  His English was native, and he proceeded to tell us a story about he was on a cruise ship and he was walking with his dad and they got lost, and then mugged, and the police had taken his dad to the hospital but he needed like 4 bucks to pay this guy for taxi fare (or something).  Perhaps I’m just overly jaded, but it sounded a bit fishy, so we moved on and he didn’t pursue us

Other people accosted by the SAME guy

The interesting thing is that in the 2 years since I posted the original article on Old San Juan, I’ve had several comments from people talking about the SAME guy.  It’s almost like they run into him, then Google for “creepy guy in San Juan Puerto Rico” (or something), find my post, and share their experiences.  Here’s a list of what people have said

I’ve heard that line before in Condado… he told me he was from WI, said his dad was mugged in the hospital and was not very kind.


Many reports about this guy on Cruise Critic… he seems to get mugged every time there is a cruise ship in town.


The same creepy guy told my husband and I that story. He needed $8 for a taxi to get to the hospital where his dad was.


Same creepy guy hit us up tonight, too. Story seemed very off to me. There was also a cruise ship in town. If I were him or his dad, I would check a cruise schedule and avoid being “robbed” again. Creep.

Ever ran into this creepy guy in San Juan Puerto Rico?  Or anywhere else?  Share your stories in the comments

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