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hyatt-diamond-challenge-hyatt-logoIt couldn’t last, right?  Hyatt’s Diamond Challenge was probably the best one out there.

As long as you had a mid-tier status like Hilton Gold (which is easy to get for free through a credit card), you could ask Hyatt for a Diamond Challenge.

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You would be immediately granted Hyatt Diamond status while you took part of the challenge, AND given 4 Suite upgrades to use, even if you never completed the challenge!  Then you’d just need to stay 12 times over the next 60 days to keep your Diamond Status over the next year or so.  There were even reports of people asking for a “challenge” right before a big stay where they wanted the status (such as to Disney or Hawaii), even with no intention of actually completing the challenge.


Hyatt Diamond Challenge now dead

I first got the news from Miles to Memories, who left a comment on my post from yesterday talking about the ways to get status at each of the major chains.  He referenced this report from the Trip Sherpa, who said:

I have been able to confirm with Hyatt that as of 10/31/14 they will no longer offer Diamond Status challenges or status matches. That’s not to say that they absolutely won’t match again in the future or re-introduce a challenge, but in it’s current format, the Diamond Challenge is no more.

The timing

There had been rumors over the past few months that the Hyatt Diamond Challenge was going away.  Most people that earned Diamond the “old-fashioned way” (you know, by actually STAYING AT HYATT HOTELS!) thought that the terms of the Hyatt Diamond Challenge were too generous, and it’s hard to argue with them!

The only thing I wish was different with the timing is that I LITERALLY JUST WROTE a post talking about how to earn status at the various chains, yesterday.  Couldn’t Hyatt have done this a few days ago so I didn’t have to go rewrite my post?!? 😀

I’ve never done the Hyatt Diamond Challenge, and now it looks like I never will.  What about you?


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