Free advice on how YOU can travel for free TOO!

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One of the main reasons I started Points With a Crew is to show regular families that you CAN travel more than you think you can

Want to learn how YOU can travel for free TOO?

If you want to learn the secrets on how I’ve used miles and points to travel to places like Puerto Rico, Dublin, Rome and Yellowstone for pennies on the dollar, I am happy to help!

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Secret ways that you can get a ton of airline miles and travel for free

The basic idea – how my family of 8 travels for pennies on the dollar

japan-airlines-first-class-review-picPoints With a Crew focuses on collecting tons of airline miles and hotel points to travel for free or cheap.

By FAR the easiest way to get airline miles and hotel points is through credit card signups.  As long as you pay your bills on time and have good credit already, you can think of opening a new credit card for the signup bonus as “spending” a bit of your “excess” credit

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In many cases, you can get enough miles and points for your next family trip with only 1 or 2 new credit card signup bonuses and simply putting the money you’re already spending on your existing credit cards on to these new cards for a few months instead.

You CAN do it

If this all seems a little overwhelming, you’re not alone!  While I would not ever recommend signing up for a credit card just because some guy on the Internet said so, if you have a basic grasp on personal finance, the basics of travel hacking aren’t hard to understand, and if you have questions along the way, I’m happy to help!

This, on the other hand, IS Mt. RushmoreThe very first step is to decide where you want to go and when.

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You’ll want to give yourself a bit of time (don’t start planning now for a trip in 3 months), and the more flexibility you can give yourself with your dates and locations, the easier it will be to get the miles you need

Read my Beginner’s Guide, think it over and then let’s make it happen!

What are you waiting for?  Send me an email at dan at pointswithacrew dot com and let’s get you started planning that next trip!

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