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If you travel a lot, then you are bound to experience delays and other misfortune.ย  I once read that if you’ve never missed a flight, then you’re probably spending too much time in airports

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Last month, as my trip was canceled out from under me and as my bags were stolen out of my car, I was trying to keep a positive spin on things. So I came up with (codified) these 2 travel rules

Rule #1: This would be so much worse if all my kids were with me

This is a rule that my wife and I often talk about when we’re traveling together without the whole “crew”.ย  Airport lounges have saved us some times, and now that most of our kids are a little older it’s not as bad, but I still remember trying to corral 6 kids in a Reno airport as our Southwest flight kept getting delayed… and delayed…ย  When

Downside of this rule? It doesn’t work well when we ARE traveling with our whole family ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Thankfully our whole family travel has been mostly stress-free, though with a few exceptions, like the time our Amtrak train was delayed 13 hours, or when our flight to Chicago was delayed so long it caused a fellow passenger to tell my wife and I that we were “the type of people that shouldn’t have children

My family playing cards on an Amtrak train in the lounge car

Rule #2: Well at least this will make a great blog post

My 2nd rule is trying to think on the positive that at least it will make for a good story in hindsight.ย  As I sat on the steps of our airbnb in Athens, having a) ripped the handle off of the door, b) left the keys IN the lock upstairs and c) locked ourselves out of the building (all with no Internet or data), this rule was about all that was keeping me sane.ย  I kept thinking “Well at least this will make a good blog post” (And it did! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

I realize not all of you will have travel blogs, but still it can be good to think of stories that you share with family, friends and others.ย  It can be hard to think past the moment, but nothing is helped by freaking out in the moment

What about you?ย  What are your rules for when travel goes wrong? Or do you have a horrible travel story that you need to share? Leave a note in the comments


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