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To get it right out in the open, yes, this is a true story and yes, an actual Walmart store manager called me on my cell phone and it was even related to manufactured spending!

The saga of finding a working “Kate” serve

I am one of the lucky ones whose Serve account did NOT get shutdown during the recent account closure.  I haven’t been a huge manufactured spender, but I do have a bunch of gift cards that I got to take advantage of the recent NBA All-Star Game weekend.

The closest Walmart to me has a Moneycenter machine and it has worked for me pretty well.  A few weeks ago though, when I got there, I saw

Oh no! #fail #kate #Walmart #manufacturedspend

A photo posted by Points With a Crew (@pointswithacrew) on

Sometimes it seems that half of the pictures in my Instagram feed are of Walmart ATMs.  Truly I lead a glamorous life…. 🙂 So I have been visiting my backup Walmart and the other day the machine froze on me, due to running out of receipt paper.  I walked away to check the clearance shelves for possible resells, and when I came back I found an actual Walmart employee fixing the machine!

Walmart employee proactively FIXING Kate!!!! #manufacturedspend A photo posted by Points With a Crew (@pointswithacrew) on

(what did I tell you about my Instagram feed?) 🙂

The reason this was so picture-worthy was because these machines have a reputation for always being down and nobody ever fixing them.

I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that someone suggested actually contacting Walmart through their website and complaining about the Moneycenter ATM being down actually worked.  Supposedly those customer comments go directly to the store management.

walmartMy Walmart store manager call

So I wrote in through the Contact Us section of  I didn’t say a ton – just that the Moneycenter ATM had been down at my local Walmart for several weeks, talked about how frustrating that was, and asking if/when it would be fixed.

That was about a week ago, and last night I was writing a post when my cell phone rang.  I didn’t recognize the number but when I picked it up, the gentleman introduced himself as the store manager of my local Walmart.

He apologized that the machine was down – he said they had a technician out today but there was a part that needed to be ordered and he hoped that it would be back up and running next week.  I have to say this was a true Customer Service WIN – I was not expecting an actual call and I’m definitely glad that it’s getting fixed!

Have you ever contacted Walmart about a Moneycenter being down?  Did it get fixed?

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