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Back in 2016, The Points of Life wrote an article asking “Should kids be allowed in hotel lounges”. I’m not going to link to it, because the entirety of the article was the word “No”. While I have met Alex, who runs the site, and I think that he is a nice guy, I will say that this article irritated me because I was hoping for an actual article instead of a single word post.

Of course, Alex and I are in different life situations and so probably have different perspectives on this (or any) situation.  Since there was no detail in the post, I can only assume that he was in a hotel lounge and had a negative experience with kids.  When this post ran originally, Alex did respond but I would still be interested in his or any other opinions.

The case FOR kids being allowed in hotel lounges

The argument for kids being allowed (or banned) from hotel lounges is a very similar argument to those who argue for having “child-free” flights.  One big difference is that an airplane can be considered transportation (possibly “essential” travel) whereas a hotel lounge is not.

Again though, I don’t think this is a “child” thing so much as an “inappropriate behavior” thing.  I am totally onboard with a specific hotel lounge conduct policy that must be followed (no running around / horseplay, no disruptive behavior, etc).  But if that’s the case, then make such a policy and enforce THAT – not just single out one group of people (kids).  As I’ve said many times before:

Generally in most situations, I find most kids to act more age-appropriate than I find most adults

I mean in the past week alone, we’ve had a Youtuber kicked off a Delta flight, and 2 others kicked off a different Delta flight (after having to be restrained).  I’m much more irritated by the bachelor party goers starting their Vegas weekend early on a plane than kids.

When kids should be BANNED from the hotel lounge

Where I might agree with TPOL is that I don’t think that the hotel lounge should be a babysitting tool.  Again, I don’t know what happened in his situation, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for children under 18 to be left in the hotel unsupervised and running amok through the hotel or hotel lounge.  I’d actually be surprised if that was not already a policy in most hotel lounges.

I would think that it WOULD be appropriate for older kids to go into the lounge to get food / drinks / snacks and then go back to their room.

But again, it all comes down to the kids and how they’ve been raised.

What do you think?  Should children be banned from hotel lounges?


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