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I do want to continue the series I wrote the other day about “The Basics“, but I will be mixing those up with other posts about various topics as well.

Today I wanted to give a brief overview of La Quinta and its reward program because they are running a limited-time promotion that I wanted to mention before it expires (I believe at the end of January).

To my recollection, I believe I have only stayed once at a La Quinta (in Plattsburgh, New York in the middle of a 100+ county weekend involving a ferry, 2 airplanes and 3000 miles driven in a car) and it was nice.  It had my 3 favorite things about hotels – comfortable bed, free Internet and free hot breakfast!

(To those of you who read the sidebar about my weekend trip and are like “wait.. what?”, unfortunately that story is a post in and of itself, so you’ll just have to be patient 😀 )

So as I mentioned earlier, they are running a promotion called LQ Stay and Play.  Basically it’s a big slot machine and you get a certain amount of tokens a day for spins.   You can also get more points for following them on Facebook or Twitter (then unfollow right after if you want).  Disclosure: the above link is my referral link and I do earn tokens if you join the game through my link.  I appreciate the support if you use my link.


You can earn a free night starting at 6000 La Quinta points.  I signed Carolyn and I both up and I’d say we average about 300 points a day between us.   So for 2-3 minutes a day over the next month you can hopefully get enough for a free hotel night.

Pro tip!  To earn the most points, after each successful spin, you have to answer a trivia question (Google is your friend) and then share it on Facebook or Twitter.  I’ve found that you can share it on Facebook, then in the privacy settings of who gets to see the post, you can choose Custom… and then share it with “Only Me”  That way I can still get the max points without clogging up my friends’ feeds


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