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flexperkslogoSo I like to periodically go through all my credit card accounts, and make sure that I am on track to receive the signup bonuses that I should.  There is nothing more annoying than getting a new card, taking the (temporary) hit to your credit score, tracking the spending on it, only to NOT receive the signup bonus.  I don’t know if this has happened to any of you, but it’s happened to me before, and it’s quite frustrating.  Perhaps that’s a story for another day.

In any case, I was looking through my US Bank FlexPerks account, and I noticed something strange.  This was a card that I signed up for back in March, and had to spend $3500 in the first 4 months of having the card.

For a variety of reasons, including a few other cards in front of the FlexPerks card in the order for receiving spending, I have not yet spent a ton of money on this card yet (yes, I do realize that 4 months from March is coming up!)

So the other day I logged into my account and saw something that I could not explain at first glance

flexperksbonusI saw my $1 spending from April, but was very confused at why 7,450 points were showing up in my account?!?  I looked back through my spending, trying to figure out what could possibly have generated over 7000 points (which is almost a $150 value!)

Finally, it dawned on me!  When I signed up for this card back in March, they were running a special Olympics promotion

flexperksolympicsAha!  Now THAT number looks familiar.  So apparently the 7,450 points from the Olympics posted first (even before I met the spending requirement).  I thought that was strange, since in theory, I could not meet the spending target yet still get the bonus points (though it’s always possible that they would claw back the FlexPerks in that case).

In any case, because of the hard tiers with FlexPerks, it takes 10,000 points to actually get anything (a ticket worth $200), so 7,450 points in and of themselves doesn’t do much, but I was at least glad to have that mystery solved!

What about you?  Have you ever missed a bonus that you should have earned?  Or seen money or points show up that you weren’t expecting?

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