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Readers of Points With a Crew know that I am a sucker for map and “list checking” records.  I currently hold records in the following areas

While Guinness doesn’t endorse speed records on public roads (which kinda makes some sense!), one record that they do have is for the “Longest Birthday Ever”.

How to get the Longest Birthday Ever

The official Guinness World Records blog talks about German man Sven Hagemeier, who decided to set the world record for the Longest Birthday.  He flew from Auckland, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia then over the International Date Line to Honolulu, Hawaii

Photo from

Photo from

The trick is the Brisbane to Honolulu flight.  The article doesn’t say specifically which flight he took, but this is (currently) the only nonstop between Brisbane and Honolulu.  It leaves at 10:30 p.m. but then crosses over the international date line and arrives at 11:55 a.m. (the same day!)


But can it be beaten?

46 hours is a pretty long birthday, but it seems that it might be beatable.  A lot of that might depend on how exactly Guinness counts the record.  But if so, maybe that could be a new addition to my travel bucket list.

What’s your longest day? Have you ever had a birthday last more than 24 hours?  Leave notes in the comments

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