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My counties visited map

I’ve mentioned before how I am trying to visit all 3,143 counties in the United States.  It’s a crazy goal but in keeping with the tenets of the Extra Miler Club, whose motto states

The shortest distance between 2 points is no fun

I’ve done “county trips” for speed before, visiting all 88 Ohio counties in 24 hours, taking a time lapse video of visiting all 67 counties in the 6 New England states, and setting the world record for the fastest time to jump in all 5 Great Lakes.

Along those same lines, I’ve often tossed around the idea of trying to visit every library in Hamilton County in one day.  When I first thought about this (nearly 10 years ago!) I was going to do it on bicycle, but I think unless my biking skills get a MAJOR upgrade, that’s not going to happen.

#41Libraries – every Cincinnati Library in one day

So my son is built along these same lines, and as we started talking about what trips that he and I might want to go on this year, visiting all 41 libraries was one that got him excited

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We’re going to do it in a car, and to give ourselves a little added degree of difficulty, we’re doing it on a Saturday, which means that all the libraries open at 10 and close at 6, so we only have 8 hours to make it to all 41 libraries.


8 hours might sound like a lot, but the optimal route has us going 126 miles for a total driving time of 5 hours 21 minutes!  That’s only going to leave us approximately 3 minutes at each library to park, get out, check out a book (mandatory!), take a selfie at the library sign (optional but for style points!) and get back in our car and on to the next one!

Follow along with hashtag #41Libraries

When deciding what shirt to wear for the big day, this one seemed like the obvious choice!

We will be live on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #41Libraries.  We did some test runs yesterday to see how it went and explore some of the library branches we were less familiar with, and I’m hopeful yet nervous – it’s going to be close!




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