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citibankYesterday I wrote about 2 negative developments with Citibank – you are no longer able to fund a Citibank checking account with a credit card (as I did to the tune of $39,000 a few months ago, and Frequent Miler apparently did several months ago as well) and also some people were reporting that their accounts had been shut down (with all their points forfeit)

(SEE: Citibank: Funding shutdowns and involuntary account closures!)

I actually read about this news early yesterday morning, but didn’t think much about it.  I am not a huge MSer, and from what I’ve seen, the people whose accounts were getting shut down were operating at a scale orders of magnitude higher than what I am typically doing.

I had a Citi credit card scare when I thought my Citibank credit card got shutdown

Checking my accounts

Still, after I read some of the comments on various forums and threads, where someone mentioned having 5 of their 7 Citi accounts shut down, I thought it was prudent to check on my accounts to make sure.  For some annoying reason I have 2 different Citibank logins and they can’t combine the accounts (at least they couldn’t / wouldn’t last time I called in).

First I checked the first one, and found my Hilton HHonors cards all safe and snug.  Then I checked my other account, and found my Citi ThankYou Premier and Citi ThankYou Prestige, right where I expected them to be.

But one account was missing – it was my new Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve account.  I had signed up for this card a month or so ago in order to use the 2 free weekend nights it gives after meeting the signup bonus.  I COULDN’T FIND MY HHONORS RESERVE ACCOUNT ANYWHERE!!!

Breathing a sigh of relief

Thankfully, after a few tries, I thought maybe I had signed it up with ANOTHER (3rd) account.  I used the forgot userid function of the Citibank and put in my credit card number.  It turned out that I had never actually set up my new account with the online account functions of  So after a few steps there, I was able to see my Citi Hilton Reserve account without any problems

Phew!  Crisis averted!

Anyone else have their accounts shut down?

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