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A few weeks ago, I talked about the craziest world timezones.  It was an interesting video, and led me to a couple of more videos by the same Youtube user.  Here is a 2 part video series about the world’s most complex international borders, which I found completely fascinating

Here is Part 1, which talks about enclaves and exclaves of countries

Included in that video is talking about the border between Belgium and the Netherlands near the cities of Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau. This was a map-geek oddity that I already knew about – it’s on my travel bucket list!

It also mentions the Hala’ib Triangle between Egypt and Sudan, referencing the only unclaimed territory in the world, and of course the borders on the island of Cyprus

Also, did you know that there’s a part of India that is INSIDE a part of Bangladesh that is INSIDE a part of India which is itself INSIDE part of Bangladesh?!!?

And here’s Part 2, continuing talking through some of the enclaves and exclaves in the world, including the former USSR as well as the province of Kashmir near the borders of India, Pakistan and China

Very interesting and informative!

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