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Earlier in the week, I reviewed the Daily Getaways 2016 list for Week 3 and mentioned that possibly the best deal of all the Daily Getaways was this Friday (i.e. today).


First let’s look at what you actually get with this deal because Hertz, like Choice Hotels and some of the other deals out there, insist on detailing the offers as “1 week standard vehicle” when really it’s just Hertz points

  • 5,500 Hertz points for $250 (4.55 cpp)
  • 13,200 Hertz points for $560 (4.24 cpp)
  • 16,500 Hertz points for $698 (4.23 cpp)

I include the cents per point (cpp) ration as an indicator that the more you buy, the (slightly) cheaper it is.  You can look at Hertz’s redemption chart here, and you’ll notice a few things – first of all, it often can be cheaper to rent a car for an entire week than it is for 4 or 5 days, and the other thing to note is that you can also book ONE WAY car rentals.  5500 points ($250 through Daily Getaways) can get you 2 one week regular rentals (if you find them at the “Standard” rate), which is $125 / week, which is not bad but not AMAZING

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Using Hertz points for one way car rentals

But the real deal is that 5500 points is the amount for a standard award for a one week one way car rental.  While there are occasionally deals on one way car rentals in the spring and fall (I used one of these to go from Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon last fall), normally these run several hundred dollars a day, so if you have specific plans for one of those, this can be an amazing deal.

Travel is Free has a great post on the best use of Hertz points where he goes into more details on this.

There are only 45 of the 5500 Hertz points deals, so if you’re interested in one of those, I’d be ready on the mouse at 1 pm!


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