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I get a lot of mail from banks, credit card companies, hotels and airlines.  That comes with the territory of having 43 different credit cards and who knows how many loyalty programs tracked with Award Wallet.  Some of these pieces of mail are outstanding (think targeted credit card offers) and some of them are just outright dumb.

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But most of the offers fall somewhere in between – not that exciting, yet not out of the ordinary

Delta sends an egregiously bad offer

This weekend though, I got a letter in the mail from Delta that was just egregiously bad.  Well, I suppose technically “I” got it in that my wife got it but like I’m sure many of your households, she is a passive partner in the miles and points accumulating portion

Check this out

What’s so bad about it?

Now, you can argue that airlines and hotel programs are all the time trying to get you to use your miles on dumb things.  They’d rather you use your miles on toasters and gift cards instead of international premium cabin travel

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My big problem is the wording “this is a smart way to use your miles”.  I can not see under any circumstances how this could possibly be construed as a “smart” way to use your miles.  In fact, this is just about the worst way to use your miles that I can possibly think of (except possibly letting them expire)

So shame on you Delta for this horrible piece of marketing


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