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No, this isn’t a post about how to keep up with the rigors of daily blogging while off your routine (it seems like there are several such posts out there, not to mention who besides other bloggers would care, right?)

vacationBut what I was actually mindful of was (somewhat at least) advertising the fact that I am not home.  Now, while I do make some attempts at masking my real life information, I am quite sure it is out there, and I’m certain that someone with enough skills and desire to do so could figure out who I am and probably even where I live or work.  (If you do so, please keep it to yourself and don’t post it in the comments just to prove your skeelz 😛 )

So at least for me, I have tended to try and downplay when I’m actually ON vacation, at least when we’re all gone and the house is empty.  It feels a little different talking about times when just I’m gone, like my upcoming trip to #FT4RL.  On a totally unrelated note, we were on vacation this past week 🙂  IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL ROBBERS – WE ARE HOME NOW AND EVEN IF YOU CAME BY OUR STUFF IS ALL CRAPPY :-).  We’ve actually often joked that the thing we’re most worried about with someone breaking into our house is that they’d be so angry that they got here and all the stuff was so crappy and worthless that they’d just smash things up for spite!!

In any case, I should have some good vacation-related posts up over the next week or so – I will attempt to make them meaningful and entertaining and not just your uncle’s vacation picture slideshow…

Anyways – what do you think?  What’s a good compromise between talking about vacation and trying for a little common sense safety?

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