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Every traveler hates to see that their flight has been delayed or canceled.  Sometimes a delay can turn into a situation where you wish they had just canceled the flight to begin with!  On the other end of the spectrum we see how my favorite airline Southwest was able to make a delayed flight a manageable if not enjoyable experience for flyers.  Customer service can really vary at the airlines and a few notable examples of that can be seen in the 5 stories below.

Delta flight’s 8-hour delay frays passengers’ nerves; police called to break up fight

  • One way to pass the time on a long delay is to…fight fellow passengers?

A Delta flight with nearly 200 people — including several celebrities — was delayed for 18 hours, leaving people sleeping on the airport floor

  • So that’s how Delta keeps their cancellation numbers low?! Just delay the flight as long as needed.

United passengers claim they were forced to sit in vomit-covered seats

  • If the flight attendant asked me if I wanted to delay the flight so they could clean the vomit I would give a resounding “Yes!”

United Flight Canceled Because Both Pilots Drank Too Much

  • I wonder if the vomit in the seats was from the pilots in the story above!

After a Southwest flight was delayed, agents held a contest for the worst driver’s license photo

  • Can a delayed flight be enjoyable? This is how you make the most of a bad situation!

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