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Starwood hotels has been running a promotion called “Tap into Luxury” for a few weeks now.


You only have about a week left to play (it ends 9/30), but I have been playing (almost) every day with no success.  I even started to wonder if there had been ANYONE that had won, but after writing that post, I saw in the comments that there had been at least a few winners.

Travel Categories

So when you play the game, your first screen is where you pick 4 categories for what kind of vacation you want to have


I feel crazy even suggesting this, but is it possible that one of the categories makes you more likely to win than others? I don’t know – just trying to figure this out. Even though as a math-type guy I know this is super-unlikely.   I mostly picked Family Fun, but lately I’ve started trying to just pick randomly.

But wait… I won?!?

So literally while in the middle of writing this post, I logged in for my double daily spins (my wife’s account and mine), and whaddayaknow?


I won!  So I guess all my whining and complaining paid off!  I figure SPG just kept reading my blog posts and decided this was the only way to shut me up 😀


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