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So yesterday I took my very first Lyft ride.  I have used Uber a few times though not very much – generally only when I’m traveling by myself somewhere else.  I don’t drink alcohol so I don’t need it to take me home from bars or such, and living in Cincinnati, it’s almost always more economical to just drive my own car.  Further complicating things is that if I’m with my family (of 8), we can’t take just ONE Uber (or Lyft) – we’d have to take TWO Ubers!

It’s the same reason we are a 2 rental car family!  The last time I did a rideshare (Uber in this case) was on our way back from Seattle.  We had taken the train from Cincinnati to Chicago (cheap seat drama!) and then the Empire Builder Amtrak train from Chicago to Seattle.  So that meant that we had parked our van at Cincinnati Union Terminal.  But coming back from Seattle we had used 100,000 Skymiles to fly back from Seattle, which meant that we were at CVG, about 20 miles away from our van at the train station

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My first Lyft ride

So I had some Lyft credits as part of the conference that I was at, so I thought I would use it.  I needed to head to the Ritz-Carlton to buy some gift cards for the Amex offer of $100 off a $500 purchase.  Ritz-Carlton gift cards code as Marriott gift cards, which makes this a moneymaking deal (in addition to the Membership Rewards from the purchase itself)

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My driver picked me up in front of my hotel (the Marriott Marquis in Washington DC)


Map © OpenStreetMap contributors

He then turned right and right again.  But you’ll see that 10th street is a one-way street southbound.  I didn’t notice anything at first, but then I saw that the cars were parked on both sides and facing the wrong direction.  Once we crossed L street, a car started coming down the other way.  At that point, there was nothing that we could really do, so we just moved to the side of the road and inched past the oncoming traffic.  The other drivers rolled their window down and yelled at my Lyft driver 😀

After that, the ride was pretty uneventful, because there isn’t much you can say about it!

If you have not signed up with Lyft yet, you can get $50 in ride credits if you’re a new user by using my Lyft referral link.  I also get something but I’m actually not sure what that is 🙂

My best Uber or Lyft driver tips are that you should definitely not go the wrong way down a one-way street on your rides!


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