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I have written several times about Plastiq, and how I use them to pay my mortgage(s)

[My experiences with using Plastiq for “free” money paying my mortgage]

I am currently up to paying the mortgage on my principal residence along with the mortgages for all of my rental properties, so I’m putting about $3000 or so a month through Plastiq.

The only problem I’ve had with Plastiq

Whenever I write about Plastiq, I will inevitably get a few comments from people sharing horror stories or talking about their negative experiences.  I have no problem with people sharing those, but I can only share my own experiences, which for the most part had been totally positive.


A few months ago, I wrote about how Plastiq had trouble communicating with my bank, and my mortgage payment was NOT made.  Plastiq said they sent it but it was rejected by my bank for not having an account number (even though I included the account number on the payment and I had successfully paid this bank many months previous).  My bank said they never saw anything from Plastiq.

I ended up having to make the payment for that mortgage manually

Plastiq’s response

I was pleased with the customer service response from Plastiq to my problem.  It was a bit frustrating at first, but eventually I got through to someone who resolved my problem to my satisfaction.  I can’t speak as to whether I got any type of special service due to being a blogger, or if this response was typical to what you might expect if you had a problem.  I know that the customer service team from Plastiq reads all my blog posts (as evidenced by how fast they responded to my last problem), so perhaps an official Plastiq rep will comment.

This was my March payment, and shortly afterwards, I got a note that the communication link between Plastiq and my bank had been restored, and in fact, my payments for April and May went through without a problem.

In any case, since I had written about the problem upfront, I wanted to post a followup.

If you sign up for Plastiq through my link, you will get 500 fee free dollars, and I will get 1000 fee free dollars.  You do have to make at least one payment of $500 through Plastiq to be eligible for the bonus.  This is an increase over their previous new member signup.  There is also a current promo if you schedule 6 mortgage / rent payments you will pay no Plastiq fees on your first of the 6.

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