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bank-of-america-reconsideration-phone-number-logoI applied for a card from Bank of America a few weeks ago and got a pending notice.  This is not a huge surprise, and is something that can often happen while doing a credit card churn.

People sometimes disagree about whether you should call right away when you get a pending notice, or whether you should wait and give it a few days.  I’ve done it a few different ways – called right away as well as waited, and had good success either way.

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Fortunately there is a Bank of America reconsideration phone number and a Bank of America reconsideration website to check on application status.

Bank of America reconsideration website to check application status

Bank of America has a application status website where you can check the status of a pending application.


You’ll need to put in your last name, social security number, zip code, and some “high tech” spam protection 🙂

Bank of America reconsideration phone numberbank-of-america-reconsideration-phone-number-icon

The Bank of America reconsideration website will just give you your application status, and won’t really give you any options to talk to anyone if your application is in a pending status (which, after all, is probably the whole reason you are interested in the Bank of America reconsideration department, right?)

So if that’s the case, you’ll want to try the Bank of America reconsideration phone number.  There are a number of Bank of America reconsideration phone numbers that I was able to find.  Hopefully one of them will work for you!

  • 888-221-6262 – Personal Reconsideration Line – this is the number Bank of America gave me to go right to a credit analyst
  • 800-481-8277 – Business reconsideration line
  • 877-721-9405 – Personal reconsideration line
  • 888-266-5111 – Personal credit analyst

(sources: Travel Sort, The Points Guy)

Another good source can be the Twitter team at @BofA_Help – though with any kind of complicated scenario, they’re likely to direct you to one of the Bank of America reconsideration phone numbers.  Another suggestion from a commenter was to go to the Bank of America website, and ask for reconsideration through the online chat service

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Hopefully these Bank of America reconsideration phone numbers and website will help you out!


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