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Many users have been targeted with an upcoming eBay bucks offer.  I just got an email with an offer for 10% eBay bucks, good through Friday night (Sep 16th).  You  normally get 2x eBay bucks, so a 5x offer means 10% eBay bucks (essentially cash back you can only use at eBay).


It may be targeted,and there are reports of different members getting different bonus amount.

These types of promotional eBay bucks (along with portal cashback) are an integral part of my gift card arbitrage / reselling strategy

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Earlier it was reported that you can no longer buy 3rd party gift cards with eBay gift cards, which would take away one part of successful gift card arbitrage.  Due to a complaint filed by customers, eBay is giving a grace period, which means that you CAN buy 3rd party gift cards with eBay gift cards through October 13th.  As far as I know, you CAN also still buy 3rd party gift cards with eBay bucks, which is what I plan to do once I get my eBay bucks in October

As a reminder, the limit on eBay bucks is $100 on a single item or $500 for the quarter.

Gift cards possibly worth buying

Of course you can actually buy actual MERCHANDISE with your 10% eBay bucks but where’s the fun in that.  I’ll be buying gift cards to hopefully resell.  Here were a few that caught my eye

Some members have also been targeted for a one time $15 off $75 purchase as well.  Doctor of Credit has a listing of a couple of other cards on sale that might make sense.

Make sure to go through a shopping portal first.  iConsumer at 1.3% or Giving Assistant at 1.2% seem to be the best ones out there currently.  If you do not have an iConsumer account and want to sign up, here is my referral link.

Several of these discounted cards are sold by Paypal Digital Gifts, which IIRC codes as office supply, so they should earn 5x on a Chase Ink card or other card that gives bonus points on office supply stores.

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