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serveA few weeks ago, I wrote about how you could get $10 from American Express Serve by transferring some of your money to a “Reserve” account.

It takes a few steps to do (which I detailed in my earlier post) but there’s not a ton of downside, if you have a Serve account.

Where’s my money?!?

So I wrote that post back on January 9th, and I created my reserve account probably the same day.  And then I waited… and waited… and waited some more.  I set myself a Google Inbox reminder to periodically check my Serve account.

Compounding the annoyingness is that Serve does not appear to have any online or email help (I’d love to be wrong about that!) and it just wasn’t worth my time to call them about the $10 (yes, the irony of this coming from the man who returns luggage carts for quarters is not lost on me…)

So I kept “snoozing” my reminder, and kept checking my Serve account, and kept not having my extra $10

An update from Amex Serve

So this morning I got an email from Serve


Included in the email were the following steps:

Here’s how to get your $10 Serve Account credit:

  • Log in and set up your Reserve, if you haven’t already.
  • Transfer your money and have a balance of at least $150 in your Reserve on March 31st.
  • Your $10 Serve Account credit will be added to your Account within 30 days of March 31st.

So at least that gives me a timeline for when I can check.

On the other hand, now that Serve is no longer allowing credit card loads as of April 16th, I may be closing my Serve account down anyways!



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