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As  many readers probably already know, one of the best ways to get lots of miles and points is through signing up for credit cards.  Signing up for multiple credit cards at once is typically known as a “churn“, and although many of the reasons for doing all your applications on the same day are no longer valid, it’s still often done by convention.  You can read about my most recent credit card churn here:

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Checking the mail for new cards

This was nearly 2 months ago, and I received most of the cards in the mail at that time.  I’ve even completed the minimum spending on quite a few of them.  The Chase Marriott business card had gone pending, and a few weeks later I got a letter in the mail asking for more information.  I had planned on calling in to get that information (even though usually I don’t call the reconsideration line), but several commenters mentioned that their reconsideration calls for business cards had been VERY INTENSE, and suggested just mailing in the information to avoid that call, so that’s what I did.

I do have the advantage of having a legitimate business with actual real income, although you often CAN get a business credit card without what you might think of as a “real” business.


That was a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t heard anything back, but Saturday I went and got the mail and voila!  Approved!

And yet ANOTHER card in the mail

The same day, i got another envelope in the mail with a new credit card.  I had applied for the BBVA NBA card a few weeks ago due to the increased signup bonus as well as preparing for the 5x points back on EVERYTHING during the NBA All-Star weekend (which is in a month or so)

I know Shawn from Miles to Memories got a Lakers card, but I went for the upcoming 2015-2016 NBA champs 🙂


That card also came in the mail on the same day, and even though others have reported getting a relatively modest credit limit, I got $15,500, which should allow me to do some pretty significant “damage” during All-Star weekend and the NBA finals.

Not a bad day in the mail – 2 cards I had kind of forgotten about showing up together!

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