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So I was browsing around BoardingArea the other day and noticed an ad that caught my eye – IHG was offering 2000 points for signing up with their Rewards Club

ihg-2000-point-signup-bonusHere is the signup page – IHG Rewards points don’t expire, so if you haven’t ever taken the chance to sign up, now’s a great time (I don’t think I have ever seen the signup bonus be any higher).

Signing up family members

If you already have an IHG Rewards account, you can’t sign up again, but if you have other family members, you could sign them up since the points don’t ever expire.  2000 points is almost enough to book a Point Breaks hotel.

You CAN transfer points to other IHG accounts, at a cost of $5 per 1,000 points.  I don’t think I would speculatively sign up with that as an end-game, though it is cheaper than the regular Points + Cash price, which costs $35 to purchase 5,000 points.

I do know that some people sign up new accounts, whether to get around IHG shutting down accounts for signing up for invalid promo accounts, or to get better offers in the IHG Big Win

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What to do with IHG points?

IMO, IHG is actually one of the best hotel currencies to get.  The Point Breaks promotions that they run where some hotels only cost 5,000 points a night is just about the cheapest you can get a hotel stay


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There’s currently an offer to get 80,000 points with the Chase IHG credit card, and if you’re playing in 2-player mode like I am, I do suggest getting one for each of you at the same time:

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My wife and I already have IHG accounts, and I’m torn between whether to sign up my kids for accounts or not.  But if you (or your spouse if you play this game in “2 player mode”) don’t have an IHG account yet, now is the time to do so!

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