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US Bank has (for now) a slightly different rewards system.  Whereas most mileage currencies are either cash points or “points” points, US Bank FlexPerks are slightly different

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Currently, FlexPerks are slightly different in that you can use 20,000 FlexPerks for any ticket that costs up to $400, or 30,000 FlexPerks for a ticket that costs up to $600, etc

So if you redeemed your points at the high end of the range, you could get about 2 cents of value for each point.  Apparently though US Bank also found this a bit confusing, as they’ve just recently announced that they will be changing later this year to have each point be worth 1.5 cents instead.  While this does make things a bit more straightforward to use, it is a slight devaluation of the points.

I ended up using 60,000 FlexPerks to book 2 tickets to Sweden for later this summer

Get 500 free FlexPerks by enrolling in mobile rewards

So here’s a chance to get 500 FlexPerks.  This isn’t worth a ton of money of course, but it should be worth somewhere between $7.50 and $10

You can watch US Bank’s video about mobile rewards here.

Personally that doesn’t seem like something that would be super interesting to me, but I’m happy to enroll for 500 points 🙂

To enroll,

  1. Log in to your account, and hit “My Rewards”
  2. That will take you to and your rewards center.  Choose “Offers”

  1. Enter in your account information.
  2. You can choose a minimum amount to use for your real time rewards and specific categories.  I picked “Furniture” and $250 personally.

If you have multiple cards that earn FlexPerks (I have a personal and business), I believe you should be able to sign up for both accounts and get the 500 points for both accounts.

Good luck and happy travels!

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